Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day is coming...

All right folks this is what this MOMMA wants, so if you see HIMSELF around TELL HIM!  Thanks.
As you know we sell lots of R.WOOD pottery at Firefly.   As you know I am a huge FAN, and that I am President of her FAN CLUB, not really, but it is fun to think about.  SO, guess what Rebecca is
sending and should arrive today?  Floral Fandango Drawings! Here is a little sneak peak...

Alright, here is something else that I need for Mother's Day, and if you live in TVEGAS, you
should beeline it to the Thomasville Center for the Arts and see the entire exhibit- Southern Collectors: BIG and Small.  Yes, that is me, in the preliminary  study and now it is a colorful painting done in the style of Aaron "Lefty" Peters, whose drawings I avidly collected fifteen years ago.  More ideas tomorrow, that involve jewelry and both  are GEORGIA artists.  Have a great day, Nan

Sunday, May 5, 2013


What a beautiful day!  I am taking a break from gardening or in this case, weeding and planting seeds!I have also been SPRING Cleaning, so my home looks like utter hell right now, so postponing that with a POST!  A lot has been going on lately at the store.  We are staying busy with great customers, and great stuff arriving daily.  We are jazzed for Mother's Day this time next week, and have a bounty of great gifts for the special ladies in your life.  We are super excited to bring a POP UP FLOWERSHOP next week as well, starting on Thursday and going until they run out- Pink Peonies and Hydrangea are on tap for our arrangements.   We will post everyday next week Mother Day's Gift options.  I have  been busy with Events, and got two Wedding Invites, that I helped facilitate on the same day, both so incredibly different and beautiful.  I took it as a good OMEN.   Back to  the Spring Clean... I have been working on my DESK, and trying to contain it, and came to some DESIGN NEEDS and decisions.  Chalkboard paint is in my near future.  I realized, but forgot, that you can now get Chalkboard Paint in any color, ala Benjamin Moore.  There is also an ARMADILLO and a TEEPEE involved in my Spring Cleaning.  More on that when my little DESK REDO is done.

WISH I had known about this earlier, as I would have been there in a HEARTBEAT.
photo by Rinne Allen

Here is a picture, I took in Rinne's Garden last summer.  

In the Spirit of TODAY- I just love this!  Happy Sunday, Nan

streamers! this just makes me happy on so many levels.  Ivey this is how you should renew those vows!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Here is a "LITTLE HAPPY" for YOU!

I like to think that I am just overly enthused sometimes.  So far, it has worked out for me... However, when I find amazing talent, I probably get a little,borderline freaky. I hope in a nice way.  I remember the first time I stumbled on Stephanie at Coral and Tusk, I went QUIETLY CRAZY as my pupils rolled back into my head, transfixed on  my computer screen.  Once, we were pen pals and I was a customer, I confessed, "That if I lived in Brooklyn, I would stalk you and force you to be my BFF 4EVERrrr! " Luckily, she laughed... Needless to say, I get a little HAPPY when I see others oozing with creativity.  My latest creative crush to join my world is HAPPY MENOCAL.  She just launched her new stationary line.  It is perfection in a box, and of course, it is at Firefly! Last week, I asked Happy for a little interview before she became great BIG STUFF, and she so sweetly did.  Oops, I forgot to mention, she is responsible for my AMAZING NEW LOGO!  See, a little nutty for my new buddy;)

 Without further ado, here is a "LITTLE HAPPY "for YOU!

Do people really call you HAPPY, and how did that start?

Yup. My real name is Harriet, after my grandmother, but my parents felt it was a little serious for a funny little baby, so they started calling me Happy right away. I tried to be Harriet in college, but when childhood friends phoned and reached "Harriet's" voicemail, they gave me a lot of guff for my sudden pretension, so I eventually caved. Happy suits me.

Location?   Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NYC

Occupation?  Artist

Current Preoccupation?   Really on a hot streak reading the author James Salter. Also, shamefully, Pinterest. I basically sit around building a Barbie Dream House all day.

Type A, B, or C?   Ha -- I'd only ever heard of type A! I'm a little bossy, but I also relish opportunities to pass the reins to someone more qualified.

Coffee or Tea?  Tea. 

Night OWL or Early Bird?   Night owl, but early mornings are so clarifying and beautiful. Whenever, I'm in one, I remind myself to do it more often.

What keeps you centered and sane? How do you renew yourself? Walking around town, I'm like a dog: I just need some affection, a few rigorous walks a day, sniff the air, check out some strangers, see some friends, eat a little chow. I know the long walk thing sounds like a cliché- like what people put on their online dating profile- but it's really a big part of my days. Usually briskly, sometimes slowly, anywhere, whatever the weather.

Where are your favorite "HAPPY Places" to travel to and why? My husband John and I went to Paris last fall, which was sweet for all the obvious reasons. We go to Charleston, SC pretty often because I have family there, it's really special to us. We were married there. I love how in S. Carolina (and probably other parts of the South as well) there seems to always be a soft carpet of pine needles underfoot. Thomasville, GA is next on my list!

Alright, you heard it here!  Thomasville is next on her LIST, I am going to hold her to that!  I have really enjoyed working with Happy, and I can't wait to share with you (one day), some of the exciting
artwork she has just created for a client of mine.  She really is an ARTIST and a breath of fresh air.  

What's on TAP in your world this weekend? Here is what is going on in mine...  

* EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT-  The Thomasville Townie just went to newsprint!
How COOL is that?!  I got one hand delivered late last night- It's all GOOD in this HOOD. Congrats
Bunny and Leslie, it really is beyond... Speaking of the HOOD, congratulations to Carol and sweet BABY GUTHRIE, pink perfection!

* I am creating  FANDANGO RAINBOW magic for a little girl's birthday party in the morning...
Consequently, forgot my husband's birthday this morning...Oops.

* Shotgun Supper Club is next weekend, and it is going to be awesome!

* I am going to pop into The Bookshelf and see the Grand Opening of Jan Amiss's photography, "How's the Weather", and then enjoy this lovely weekend and soak it all in.  HAPPFriday,   Nan

P.S.  Now a "Happy" for you: Mention this post and get 10 off one item tomorrow only.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I heart PAPER!

Some may or may not know, but I have a PAPER problem.  I heart pretty paper!  Yesterday, we got two shipments in, but I am only going to share one at a time, as they are worthy of their own spotlight.
I saw these Creative Cats, a.k.a. Banquet Atelier & Workshop,  at the NYIGF, last August,for the first time.  I have been admiring their work long before that( paper problem), and reached out to them, shortly after Christmas.  The cards are just beautiful and saturated with color; I have never seen such rich printing.  I am lovintheir  packages of tattoos for kiddos too.  Ten in a package, with To: and From: printed on the back!  Awesome.  Speaking of HEART, I am hearting my windows!  They are almost done... Come SEE, Nan

Monday, January 21, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Firefly Friday

Happy Friday All!  I am loving the return of Winter, and have a little zip in my step for sure.   I have so much going on, that I feel like I have nothing going on... Weird.  Thomasville has a lot on Tap this weekend! The highlight is definitely Music and Drama Troupe,celebrating their 40th Anniversary, with
a BIG TIME, BIG TOP Celebration this Saturday.  They have Cirque du Soleil dancers coming, how amazing is that!  I think there are still tickets available too.  Go here for more info.  I have just returned from Market, and I have found lots of "prettys", as my late grandmother, "Weezie" would say.  Her birthday would have been this week; She was BIG TIME amazing, and a definitely a  TOP ACT!  I am also celebrating 40(again) on Sunday.  I really wanted to go fishing for my BDAY, but it would be a little chilly... Oyster Roast will have to do! YUM.  Alright, enough chatter... Please come by Firefly today, and see our windows and welcome my newest addition to Firefly, Robyn Hill.  I am so excited about her creative talents, and smittened with her calm, thoughtful personality.  She did the windows yesterday and she also does this.  Needless to say, I feel like a proud peacock, and I think it is an indicator of creative things to come. HIP HIP HOORAY! We also got new EEBOO in and lots of NEW, creative, products there.

OUR CALENDAR of EVENTS, so far... We will be adding a lot more, so stay tuned.

Monday, February 11th at Studio 209, AMY FLURRY, of Recipe for Press, will be returning for a discussion and individual sessions.  Call the store for details. 229-226-6363 or email me nanmyers(at)rose(dot)net .

MARCH- 7,8,9- Kayce Hughes Trunk Show-  perfect opportunity to try on samples and receive
long before Easter.  The perfect place for an EASTER dress in my opinion.