Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Shipments arriving DAILY

These are Bobbles making H20 better(carbon filter), keeping your wallet happy(no more bottled water), , and keeping Mother Earth extremely happy(limited waste).  They are made out of recycled PET and are 100% recyclable too.  The carbon filter will last two months or 300 refillings.  Can we say Brilliant!  Can we say Bobble! Can we say Firefly! 229-226-6363


Great new jewelry line made by Alabama artist Rebekah Blocher.  I have a great feeling about this line and there is more to come with Rebekah, as she has teamed up with Art with a Mission.  The mission is to eliminate poverty and support orphanages in Africa.  The necklace?  A stunning ceramic cross with beads made out of recycled magazines.  Stay Tuned for more. 

Hey Guys-  Wow, what a whirlwind the last few weeks have been.  The store has never looked better,yet it is still evolving.  I just got back from NYC, where I was totally inspired.  That wonderful city just does that to me.  I'll post on that later.  Here are some great new arrivals that I am really excited about.  Things are coming in daily.   So y'all check back often and come in more.  OH, the BIG NEWS is that our WHALE OF A SALE just got bigger- NOW 75% OFF.  All sales final.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am so glad that being green, buying handmade, buying fair-trade, and eating organic, are such big BUZZ words right now.  It does make me roll my eyes a little though.  I guess because I have been doing all of the above, since I was a dogmatic sixteen year old.  Yes, I was dogmatic.  Anyway, no pats on the back here, just sometimes it makes me a little crazy. I guess I am in the more of the "less talking" and the "more doing" stage of my life. Thank Goodness.   I look forward to this trend becoming the way we all just live.  I think Firefly has always embraced local, fair-trade, and handmade.  In fact, I know it has, as I have been buying local, fair-trade, and handmade since I opened my doors in 1997.  One of my favorite artist, who has been present in Firefly for fourteen years, is Rebecca Wood of Athens, GA.  She was recently featured in Garden and Gun and her WARES were part of a lovely piece featured on Design Sponge last week. Today, we just got in a HUGE shipment and I mean HUGE.  I have collected R.Wood since I was in college.  I even lived behind her house, in the most darling, tiny, log cabin, you could possibly imagine.  When I was short on RENT money or just wanted to hang out with her and the gang, I made dinner plates.  Yes, it does sound magical and yes, it was.  I can honestly say that I love her stuff now, just as much, as I did then.  So, come on in Firefly and let the love affair and your collection begin... Nan

P.S. We have a Wedding Registry too.  
P.S.S. Photos by my friend Rinne, also an Athens native.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Michael Stars

Fall Michael Stars are coming in... Of course, I was
realistic about the 100 degree weather, which means
lots of short sleeve "Fall" T-shirts.  Come on in and
we can crank the A/C and pretend that it is freezing
outside. Nan

Tuesday, August 3, 2010