Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, I never did get around to posting about children's stockings... It is BIG little stuff...I love a stocking and I take it very seriously.  My children's stockings are MAGIC.  Santa does some seriously clever stuff.  I will give you details after the fact I promise.  I will give a little nimble though:

 There apparently is this ELF in the North Pole that makes the most darling mice, you have ever seen and we have been so lucky, to be the recipient of these mice for the last four years! The boys  love to guess what is in the carefully wrapped tiny box, with the official seal of wax, at the tip of their stocking!  Simple, Small, Pleasures!

May the force be with you...
 Here are two of our six.  We have a lot of Star Wars themed ones.  Now, Reid is guessing James Bond, or Ninja Mouse.  Hmmm.  I guess we will know in the morning!  Thanks everyone for a great Christmas Season!  May your stockings, home, and family be filled with the Christmas Spirit tomorrow and All year long! Nan

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stockings Stuffers

I am a big fan of Stockings!  It holds the perfect amount, not too little and not too much, but just RIGHT!
In fact, Stockings is really all we do for each other... Here are some of my favorites in store currently.
1. Ten Thousand Waves Hinoki (organic) Lotion.  This is a famous Japanese spa in Santa Fe, NM and this lotion is clean pine and divine. We have it in shower gel too.  I am just a soap girl, which leads me to number two.
2.  You have to have a bar of good soap in your Stocking.  Unless, you are one of those who "collect" it and never use it, which a customer admitted to me yesterday.  I was mortified.  We never ever EVER use grocery store soap. EVER.   It is crap, and once you use the real deal, you will never go back... You  are paying more for the good stuff, but it last ten times longer at least, so it is a wash literally.  Wash well, that is my philosophy.

Be warned:  Whomever receives this will become addicted. You may get away with a single this year, but next year, you will be graduating to the 4bar box! Men love this.

Another pine scent and NEW to Firefly.  I love how fresh and clean this is.  Lightfoot screams MEN to me, this is nice for both gender.

This is what will be in my Stocking this year.
Goat's milk, honey, with a hint of rose.
Swiss made perfection.

3.  Our scarves are flying out the door, regardless of the 70 degree temperature, and I just don't think you can have too many!

4.  I am loving Alexa Pulitzer and all her paper fabulousness.   Her monogram antler stationary is awesome.  
We have a range of mousepads too!

 5.  Our local Mayhew jelly is delicious.  Here it is featured at THE wedding, I did, this past October.

6.  Any of our jewelry will be much appreciated.
7. Some RADICAL chocolate, made by an old friend.  These are pretty and GOOD!
pink peppercorn and blueberry featured here.

8. These pot holders, hand screened and designed in New Mexico, will make you smile every time. Below are two of favorites- Avocado Opera and the Chickens, affordable($16), practical, handmade, functional art.  

9. and 10.-  Here are just some ideas in general. Treat your significant other with a splurge in their Spirits, like a nice bourbon, red wine, champagne etc... It might be a NICE bottle of Olive Oil.  Sweetgrass has some lovely ones(hint, hint).  You might renew their favorite magazine (HINT, HINT), and please add Town and Country!  I don't know why I love thin wool socks like I do, but I DO. I DO. I DO.  So, Santa baby go down to Kevin's please.  Tomorrow check back for some Stocking Ideas for the Kiddos!  Have a great weekend, Nan

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hugh,His Unicorn and the Mean Girl.

Mean Girl and Hugh

glimpse of window

I feel kind of bad that I told Hugh, he was the only guy that I knew, that could ROCK a unibrow.  I have never been one to mince words... and if we were ten, on a playground, he could have retaliated and pulled my hair and called me  "Carrot Top"! Then he could have told me, that I, unlike him, could not ROCK a unibrow.  I certainly had one!  So "Sorry" that was kind of a mean thing to say.  Translation: Hugh is handsome,  darling, and funny... BUT I couldn't say that! Don't want to give the boy an ego, because he does a good job about keeping it real. I will elaborate more on that tomorrow.   So, instead, I had to revert back to Playground Antics.  Anyway, now he plans to pluck it for a good cause, making REAL food, available to all folks, regardless of socioeconomic factors.  Awesome. Read more about it here.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hey Gals!  I don't have a huge following, especially when I tease you (again tongue in cheek)with my sporadic postings!  I get that.  Anyway, those few- TWELVE of you, I hope you READ this one!     Here is a great  GIFT option that I offer to all my T'villian friends and  ALL good T'villian FOLKS, who have the "friend" that has everything, who have that need for charity, and who have ulitimately the SPIRIT of Christmas, which is  how we should live everyday of this life, on this FRAGILE EARTH,  OUR ISLAND HOME!  So let's all give a little, and a get a  whole lot in return!  Of course, all NON-T'VILLIANS can give, but I am sure there are a lot of worthy causes, within your own community.  However, if you STILL do, this Wendy Greene, is apparently a rock star, and can bleed blood from a turnip, or a coupon, and gets up at some ungodly hour, in the morning to  perform some  serious MODERN DAY SALE RETAIL MIRACLES.  Bless you!  Again if you know me, it would be a COLD DAY in HELL, before I entered the door of a CHAIN RETAILER at 3 am, in the morning EVER!  However, I totally understand it, and I love this woman's heart and her SPIRIT. Thank you.

Here is the deal-

Let's do Christmas up right this year and let's do it different! In lieu of gifts to our friends, let's donate to CASA. Their funding was drastically cut and we can make their days **Merry and Bright**

This will provide Christmas to 85 local Thomasville Children. What is CASA Kids Program?
It stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, and basically last year alone there were approximately 500 reports of child abuse and neglect in Thomas County.  101 of these children, came before our Juvenille Court Judge and they were assigned, through a court order into the CASA Program.  When a child is assigned to CASA, they advocate for them until their case is resolved and they are placed back with their parents, guardianship of the child is given to a family member, or the child is adopted.  These children NEED to experience the Spirit of Christmas, and know that someone does care for them, and that they are special.  These donations will help purchase Christmas presents for our most needy children.  It cost CASA, about a $1,000 dollars a year per child to be their voice and advocate, so if we raise above and beyond their immediate need (Christmas), then your donation will go even farther and help this much needed organization all year long.  

So my oh, so clever sister-in-law, Haile has designed a donation card.  They cost $10.00 each and you can pick them up at Firefly, Relish, and this Saturday at our Christmas Market.  I am sure MORE local retailers will be added to this list, so stay posted and ask when you are shopping in other LOCAL shops. Give a little and get a lot!  Merry Christmas, Nan

Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...

I always like to have a theme going.  This year, at the store it is, All is Calm.  All is Bright. I am also excited about an upcoming ski trip to Colorado.  We will be heading to Crested Butte in early February, which will be here, before we know it. Have you ever been to Crested Butte ( CB to the locals)? It is an amazing little town, with healthy, active people and with a plethora of yummy restaurants.   It is also where I met my husband and where we still have nice friends.  It is a special place; I highly recommend it.
As I type this, I am drinking my favorite coffee, in  ALL the  world, that we have shipped to us every 5 weeks from CB.  I have blogged about it before, but worth a link again.  Charming and breakfast burritos to die for.  Anyway,  here is a product from Finland that we are selling at the store, and that will be in the bottom of my boy's stockings this year...
Currently, it is also by my desk and I am constantly squeezing it.   It is like a "stress" ball, but filled with positive energy.  It sounds like the crunch of snow.  It is amazing!  Each one is handmade and unique, but again, it sounds like crunching SNOW.  I love it.
These stuffed animals are so cool and realistic...I could easily revert back to my childhood, and  take them all home.  In particular, this Snow Leopard  really speaks to me.  You should see his eyes, ICE BLUE. Many years ago, now, Tallahassee Junior Museum had visiting Snow Leopards.  I could have watched them for days.  What an amazing feline.  We have a great selection of animals ranging from falcons to kiwi birds.  Come see!

A darling book!  Have you seen our darling children's wrapping paper?  Yes, it involves snow, and critters, and children!

Yes, the little crab lives in the penguin, and can come out to play... and yes, we have other others...
bear in a cave, owl in a tree, fabulous tee-pee, and arrows!  LOVE! LOVE!

I can't remember where I "dragged" this image from, but it speaks to me!  All is Calm, All is Bright!
Remember, we ship all the time and I will be glad to assist you...  Warm Winter Wishes, Nan

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A month ago TODAY!

Pretty on the inside, and the outside.

A month ago TODAY,  I was running around like a crazed woman.  I had a walkie talkie in one hand, my iphone in another, and I was just screaming in general.  I took multi-tasking to another level.  I was a WEDDING PLANNER!  It turned out almost perfect, and the few details that didn't get executed, were only noticed by me.  However, my sweet Bride, Megan was perfection, and she was pleased as pink punch!  The Groom was as wonderful, as he is Handsome.  Congratulations to you both, you made it worth all the while.  I wish you a life time of happiness, and lots of laughter along the way! I will be raising my glass to you both tonight. Cheers and love, Nan

P.S.  Check back in tomorrow for more pictures, as I will begin, the long list of "THANK YOU'S"!
Shanna Murray did custom Decals, we sell them at Firefly too!

Manzanita branches were on half of our tables.

These were the gift crates, delivered to our guest's rooms. They were filled with local, yummy cheese
straws, Dillon's Chocolate covered pecans, and Bulliet Bourbon.
We also had a fun "Greetings from Thomasville" booklet, with the weekend's festivities.
In the little pink zig zag bags were "Good Mornin' Sunshine( aleve), and Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz(alka setzer )!
The heart with antlers, were a theme throughout the wedding, and I happened upon an antique mount, which I gave to Megan at her Bridal Luncheon.

Now that is what I call a Wedding Party.

Fabulous Tents
My cute brother on the left, and his equally cute friend, John on the right!
Megan being sewn in her dress!  Barbara, very
cooly, sewing her in! Where was I? Thankful, I was not there.
I would have, not so cooly, spontaneously combusted on site.
Actually, I think I was getting dressed in the port a loo, and
washing face in the water cooler dispenser.  Seriously.

Where we didn't have Manzanita branches, we had these amazing flowers.

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rebecca Wood is coming to town, and yes that is better than SANTA!

I heart R.Wood.  I heart these Pokeberry Platters!  I can not wait to see them.  Just in case, my husband is reading, which he is not... I am putting it out to the universe.  I would spontaneous combust on site, if  I ever were to own a painting by this lady.  Preferably a still life with lots of blues and whites.
Maybe, one day, in the near future Rebecca will do a show of her paintings at the Firefly.  I have only been begging since we opened FIFTEEN years maybe in the SPRING this Birthday wish will come true.  Come See Rebecca and Hugh!  Tomorrow Friday, November 18th, starting at 11:30.  Best, Nan

P.S. I heart that new GREEN background color!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hello Everyone!  Here is Firefly's Schedule of Events for Friday, November 18, 2011.  Hugh Acheson,will be signing his Cookbook, A New Turn in the South, this Friday from 11:30AM  to 5 PM.  Unfortunately, he will not be able to stay later than that, as he has to fly out that evening, so that he can make an appearance on The Early Show, CBS. Pretty Cool.  So basically, come have several books signed on Friday, and watch him on Saturday morning, with your cup of java, knowing that you have meet a really nice, cool Chef and took care of some serious Christmas gifts.  Rebecca of R.Wood Studio is bringing some great platters, as well as vases that have birds and flowers on them! Awesome.  I imagine she will be dropping them off that morning as well.  She will be in and out all day ( she LOVES to poke around Thomasville), and back in for festivities at 4:00 to 7pm.  We have some die hard R.Wood fans, including myself, ( I am the President of her Fan Club), so I know y'all will be stalking THE  Firefly, and I understand completely.  I have had my R.Wood Pottery problem since my Freshman year in Athens.  One STUDIO Sale long, long time ago, it snowed that night and morning like a banshee.  Did that stop me?  Hell no!  Did it stop everyone else?  Hell yes!  I fish tailed all the way there in my blue Isuzu hatchback, and of course, was the first one, at 8:50 that morning.   I remember, Rebecca, just shaking her head and laughing, "You would be the FIRST one here." Of course, I would be.  I am a subtle Stalker!   So stalk away, and leave us cell phone numbers and we will try to call you as soon, as Rebecca walks in the door.  We will also be debuting an artist, Leslie Fendig, who makes yummy jewelry. I have been trying to make contact with her for years.  Who knew St. Simon's Island could be so far away!  Anyway, the stars have finally aligned( or subtle stalking) and I have a beautiful collection of her one of a kind jewelry, that will need to be on your Christmas Wish List. Last, but not least, Stop by for some YUMMY cupcakes and Champagne, and raise your glass, as we toast to Firefly, past, present, and FUTURE! 4PM to 7PM .Cheers, Nan

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Firefly and Frasier Fir

Today was chilly.  Today felt good. Today was hoppin' at the Firefly, so a BIG THANK YOU! Tonight, I am burning a HOLIDAY candle that is just so clean and crisp, and looking forward to Sunday... I just enjoyed some butternut squash soup with cayenne, curry, toasted almond slivers on top, and a sip or two of  a nice Cote du Rhone.  Perfect.  Have a great Sunday, Nan

P.S.We have the ENTIRE Thyme's Frasier Fir Collection exclusively in Thomasville.   Starting on Friday( Firefly's BIRTHDAY BASH) , November 18th, spend $50  or more and receive a complimentary Frasier Fir votive( limited to the first 72 customers).   Hugh Acheson will be in the store, starting around 2:00 pm.  We have been promoting him from 4:30 to 7, but now he has to fly to NYC to be on CBS, The Early Show the next morning!  I thought I was busy!  Anyway, it is all good, because he will be in the store a lot longer and giving everyone an opportunity to meet and greet with him.  Also, if Friday is still is a conflict for you, come anytime next week and purchase a book, or two, or three or four and we will have him sign it for you.  Signing off again, Nan

P.S.S. - Did I mention REBECCA of R.WOOD STUDIO...rockin' the house Zzzzzzzz.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Foxy Part 2.

Holiday Dishtowel- Fox and Present

Have you seen this fabulous line in Firefly?  We have linen dinner napkins with tee-pees, acorns, bunnies, etc... We have fantastic dish towels with deer, bears, foxes, and even a Christmas YETI.  I recently did a custom rehearsal dinner napkin for a New Zealand Groom and a Georgia Bride.  Translation a KIWI bird and a Georgia Peach. Darling.

Commissioned napkin.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

when it comes to technology...

When it comes to TECHNOLOGY, I am dangerous. Seriously, Dangerous.  So why in the hell, this photo came up, I will never know. Again Dangerous or MAYBE meant to be. This was literally out my back door, in Scotland a couple of summers ago. This was literally only half of my view point. This was 90 degrees of my 180.  Yes, pretty darn sweet, and Yes, I knew it every time I gazed out; It took my breath away.   A reflective pause for sure.

Firefly is feeling FOXY

 I am feeling FOXY, so needless to say, FIREFLY is too.   These are handmade by a Brooklyn artist.  We have different color backgrounds, as well as horned owls.  $54.00 each.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Firefly is FIFTEEN

Firefly is Fifteen and Fabulous, I might add. Can you believe it?  I know everyone is chopping at the bit to see some photographs from the wedding that I recently did, but there is  buzz that it might be in  a National Magazine, so I have to hold off for a little while.  I will share something soon, as it is in my Drafts.  There are just so many TALENTS to thank and links to add...
ONE particular talent that delivered the most fantastic meal for this Southern Wedding was Hugh Acheson of EMPIRE STATE SOUTH, Five and Ten, and The National.  I have known about Hugh for a while now, we share friends... Once I started thinking  "bigger picture" for this wedding, I immediately thought of Hugh.  I emailed our brilliant friend in common, Lisa of Hawthorne House, and literally within the hour, Hugh had emailed me.  By the next day, he had emailed a gorgeous menu, and the rest is history.  I NEVER had to STRESS for a second over the FOOD or the service of the FOOD.  Hugh, I thank you and your amazing TEAM for that.
Please join us at FIREFLY, Friday, November 18th from 4:30 to 7:00, as Hugh will be signing his cookbook,  A New Turn in the South.  He is bringing some yummy treats that I will tease you with, in the following days.  His cookbook is as witty and smart, as he is.  Although a Canadian transplant, he is also nice as a Summer day is long, and  very easy on the eyes.  This Cookbook and This Man are the perfect pairing!   Rebecca Wood of R.WOOD Studio, will be returning with a batch of one of a kind pieces!  Hugh and Rebecca are also friends and have been featured together numerous times, so again a perfect pairing.  I  have a few tricks up my own sleeve, for Firefly's FIFTEENTH Birthday BASH, so please join us!

 FRIDAY, November 18th
          4:30 to 7:00pm
   125 South Broad Street
   Downtown Thomasville

229-226-6363 for more information.

 P.S. -  Call us and we will be glad to have Hugh sign, and we will ship it to you!  Bring your Christmas list, as this will make a great Christmas Gift.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Snapshot: Dandy

I hope you are DANDY.  Come see our cool Morse Code necklaces in fun words, such as DANDY, Mom, Darlin', Peace, S.O.S., Amore, Friend, and LOVE.  $40. (free shipping)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


You may or may not know, but my personal blog is .  It is right over there on my Blog List.   I am trying to be better about this blogging, as I do enjoy it.  It is more of a time thing, than anything, as I know we can all relate.  Anyway, I wanted to point out the obvious, about the blogs. On my personal blog, I will be posting images with a word or two.  We use to have a great quote on our back wall, at Firefly:

In my backyard, they burn peepholes in the night,  and take snapshots of my house. 

( describing fireflies, if you have not had enough coffee) 

Anyway, I will be posting "snapshots" of Firefly, because I know we are all so busy.  I want Firefly and Warrenandlove to be a quick source of inspiration and beauty period.  Best, Nan

photo credit hotblack 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Love

Hey Guys-  I hope everyone is having a laid back summer so far... Albeit, not a COOL one.  I thought I would share  some of my favorite SUMMER items currently in the store.  The first order of these, sold out in two days.  We just got more in.  I think this is perfect bowl for watermelon and cantaloupe balls, plus blueberries. At $8 each, you have to buy several!

I love these hand-made, out of spun cotton, animal ornaments.  We will keep these
year round.  What a perfect ornament for a baby/1st Christmas.  Can you imagine
 a whole tree with these on them.  We have foxes, raccoons, whales, owls, etc...

These bird soaps are super cool too.  The black soap(made out of bio-diesel glycerin) eventually washes away to reveal a white ceramic keepsake bird, that is inside the soap. Half of the profits, go to help animals affected by the BP oil spill.  It smells amazing.  I brought a carload back from a recent trip to NOLA.  Great City!

With the bounty of summer vegetables, I am loving this new cookbook, available at Firefly.
I plan on cooking out if it tonight, so I will report back to you!  Anyway, this is a great read and all vegetarian, which I didn't realize until half way through.  It is the most creative cookbook that I have seen in long time...

Is there a prettier way to stay hydrated?  I love these and apparently everyone else does too.
This is a great wedding present.  My parent's have the same one that they received, when they were married 44 years ago.  I love the new updated versions as well. We are expecting a new shipment in a couple of weeks, but still have a nice selection.  Made in the U.S.A. since 1893.
Have you seen my NEW window?  Talking about PRETTY SUMMER FANDANGO!  Thanks again Jackie. Some of you may or may not know, but I am planning a wedding this Fall(NOT MINE), which I am so excited about.  The creative process is just what I needed to balance everything out.  The time I use to spend "blogging" is now spent on this wedding event.  It has really gotten my creative juices following again and I have found so much inspiration, that I look forward to sharing with you AFTER the wedding.  The cute bride did forward an image though, that just really cracked me, and reminded me not to get my panties in a wad, so I am sharing it with you...

What fresh hell is this mess?  I don't know even where to begin to shred this, and I almost feel so sorry for them, that I don't want to. Almost, being the operative word.  They look like  a cross between Peter Pan's Lost Boys and a Gay Pride Parade gone BAD.  The bride is beautiful too.  What a -----!  Now, if she is marrying another woman, then please accuse my potty mouth. Then it is just lesbians, with bad taste, and I am O.K. with that. Best, Nan