Wednesday, November 17, 2010

REBECCA WOOD is coming to town, and yes that is better than SANTA!

You HEARD me.  REBECCA WOOD is coming to town, and YES, that is better than SANTA!  If you know what I am talking about, then you know her and you KNOW I am right!  Come see us!  She is bringing one of a kind pottery pieces with pokeberries drawn on them and stalks of cottons!  We will get started as soon as we can, around 3:00.  We will have some wine and cheese around 5ish.  We will be OPEN until 8!  Call the store for further information- 229-226-6363.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We have so many perfect "hostess happys".  Yes, I know that is a made up word, but you know exactly what I am talking about...  A "happy" is a wonderful little something-something that you would not necessarily buy for yourself,  (Although you should, but that is another post).   Anyway, these just came in yesterday, and let's just say YUMMY SWEETNESS!  Organic salted caramels handmade with maple,dairy, honey, sea salt, and vanilla bean.  So come in and grab a few for all the upcoming parties, including my favorite, THANKSGIVING!  This is the perfect hostess happy!  S.W. A. K., Nan

Remember Rebecca Wood of Athens, GA will be here Friday,  November 19th and Saturday, November 20th, with all of her one-of-a-kinds!!!!   call for more info 229-226-6363

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010


 FINALLY, a Real CHILL is in the air...

TONIGHT, stop in Firefly &  get inspired, & get COZY!  I am loving this new organic cotton sleepwear/ loungewear VieandSomn (life and sleep).  It is so well designed and simply beautiful. More on COZY, I was fluffing the store yesterday and realized that I have a candle problem.  I love candles!  I am also picky about the candles, I love!   NOTHING is more COZY than a candle.  It is the perfect hostess gift, birthday present, or just a "happy" for me gift!  We have over 25 scents throughout the store.  See I do love a CANDLE!  Yes, can you guess?  More are on the way!  I also heart a good bar of soap, preferably French.  They just make better soap.  The new holiday bars from Mistral are yummy.  They are also extremely beautiful.  Let us tie one up with some raffia, ribbon, and an acorn!  One final thought on COZY- our ongoing  everyday deal on our Scottish 100% cashmere scarfs! 1 @ $24., 2 @$40., 3@$54.  Crazy Steal Deal, that is what my "girls" call it.  Frankly, I just think everyone should have multiple scarves.  I think it is a human right.  O.K., that might be crazy...  I think, at the least, every female in the world should have multiple.  They just look so GOOD!  Alright,  I might have a scarf problem.  Yes, can you guess? More are on the way!  Cool and Cozy, Nan

P.S.  Did I mention Blankets?  Amazing blankets are on their way... stayed tuned for more COZY.

Here are the very pretty Mistral Holiday Soaps!  Remember SILHOUETTE ARTIST TOMORROW!
**********Just a few spots left!  For more information, call the store at 229-226-6363************

Monday, November 1, 2010


Call the store TODAY and make your appointments for our Silhouette Artist, Erik Johnson.
He will be in the store Saturday, November 6th.  Starting at 10 am.  It only takes him 5 minutes, so
he can do almost anybody!  We even have some DOGS  and a CAT coming for their Silhouette. 
In return, you will get a 5 x 7 black silhouette ready for a frame for $25. Additional Silhouettes of the same person or pet $15 each.  He just stacks more black paper and cuts at the same time!  I can't wait to watch him in action!  CALL TODAY  229-226-6363!