Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year

Hello Firefly FANS and almost Happy New Year!  Don't you just love this time of year?  I love a fresh start, recreating, buying, and just getting inspired all over again.  2011 promises to start off with a bang too with lots to do, as we prepare for our 15th year in business.  So thank you for your love and support,  I look forward to seeing your bright, smiling faces in the store.  Best to you and those you love, Nan

P.S.  I  also love this artist Holly Farrell.  There is just something charming about them.  I love the fact that she captures and celebrates everyday objects.  Simple Pleasures, which is in a nutshell, what Firefly is all about... xo!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

stocking stuffers 101

Here are my favorite KIDDO stocking stuffers...

The original sound machine and the best-seller  still.
Gun shots to breaking glass to farts.
Simple Pleasures, right?!

If you just can't do Farts or Burps.  This is a
popular one too.  Think Fred Flinstone and Looney Tunes!
All Cartoon Sounds.  We also have a new Space Age one too.
$ 14.00 each

Leaping Lizards!  This is still a best-seller.  These flashlights are
super bright and super fun.  They can clip on a backpack or
a keychain.  $8.50 each

Scented colored pencils, as well as regular pencils.
Still a store hit.  $16.95 

For the Little Tots, these super soft little blankets are the
perfect size for snuggling. Available in dog, zebra, monkey, and  giraffe.
$12.95 each
Definitely for the older kids or  the kid at heart.
These super strong magnets provide lots of entertainment.
Super office gift too! $29.95 each

I love Snoopy and I love Hot Chocolate. Three tins of cocoa from
The Peanut Gang.  $11.95

Really Blackberry Bubble gum, but Fun!
$5.50 each

Recycled paper, scented pens!  $2.50 each
These monster pencil/eraser heads come in packs
of two!  Collect all six.  $3.00 for a doodling duo.
Scented erasers that look good enough to eat!
We have apple(shown), peach, banana, and strawberry.
$4.00 each

You'll chuckle when you see these guys dance!
Not pictured, the Gingerbread Man.  He ran away.
Santa, Elf, Rudy, and Gingerbread Man
$5. each

Stay tuned for Adult stocking stuffers tomorrow.  If you spend more than $50.00, we will ship for free, in the state of GEORGIA.  This offer is good until December 17th.  Merry Christmas, Nan

Monday, December 6, 2010

just in

Hello-  These just came in and they are my FAVORITE THING, possibly ever!  Believe me if I came home, after working retail, and made three arrangements for my mantle... Well, that is called inspired!Hand carved wood, completely food safe... There next place will be on my counter, holding various things, like salt or nuts!  For the arrangements, I put in a nifty little "frog" (a small iron container that holds flowers, also available at Firefly), and raided my neighbor's bountiful bush.  Blankets also came in and they are divine as well.
Come see or call- 229-226-6363!