Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Snapshot: Dandy

I hope you are DANDY.  Come see our cool Morse Code necklaces in fun words, such as DANDY, Mom, Darlin', Peace, S.O.S., Amore, Friend, and LOVE.  $40. (free shipping)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


You may or may not know, but my personal blog is www.warrenandlove.blogspot.com .  It is right over there on my Blog List.   I am trying to be better about this blogging, as I do enjoy it.  It is more of a time thing, than anything, as I know we can all relate.  Anyway, I wanted to point out the obvious, about the blogs. On my personal blog, I will be posting images with a word or two.  We use to have a great quote on our back wall, at Firefly:

In my backyard, they burn peepholes in the night,  and take snapshots of my house. 

( describing fireflies, if you have not had enough coffee) 

Anyway, I will be posting "snapshots" of Firefly, because I know we are all so busy.  I want Firefly and Warrenandlove to be a quick source of inspiration and beauty period.  Best, Nan

photo credit hotblack 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Love

Hey Guys-  I hope everyone is having a laid back summer so far... Albeit, not a COOL one.  I thought I would share  some of my favorite SUMMER items currently in the store.  The first order of these, sold out in two days.  We just got more in.  I think this is perfect bowl for watermelon and cantaloupe balls, plus blueberries. At $8 each, you have to buy several!

I love these hand-made, out of spun cotton, animal ornaments.  We will keep these
year round.  What a perfect ornament for a baby/1st Christmas.  Can you imagine
 a whole tree with these on them.  We have foxes, raccoons, whales, owls, etc...

These bird soaps are super cool too.  The black soap(made out of bio-diesel glycerin) eventually washes away to reveal a white ceramic keepsake bird, that is inside the soap. Half of the profits, go to help animals affected by the BP oil spill.  It smells amazing.  I brought a carload back from a recent trip to NOLA.  Great City!

With the bounty of summer vegetables, I am loving this new cookbook, available at Firefly.
I plan on cooking out if it tonight, so I will report back to you!  Anyway, this is a great read and all vegetarian, which I didn't realize until half way through.  It is the most creative cookbook that I have seen in long time...

Is there a prettier way to stay hydrated?  I love these and apparently everyone else does too.
This is a great wedding present.  My parent's have the same one that they received, when they were married 44 years ago.  I love the new updated versions as well. We are expecting a new shipment in a couple of weeks, but still have a nice selection.  Made in the U.S.A. since 1893.
Have you seen my NEW window?  Talking about PRETTY SUMMER FANDANGO!  Thanks again Jackie. Some of you may or may not know, but I am planning a wedding this Fall(NOT MINE), which I am so excited about.  The creative process is just what I needed to balance everything out.  The time I use to spend "blogging" is now spent on this wedding event.  It has really gotten my creative juices following again and I have found so much inspiration, that I look forward to sharing with you AFTER the wedding.  The cute bride did forward an image though, that just really cracked me, and reminded me not to get my panties in a wad, so I am sharing it with you...

What fresh hell is this mess?  I don't know even where to begin to shred this, and I almost feel so sorry for them, that I don't want to. Almost, being the operative word.  They look like  a cross between Peter Pan's Lost Boys and a Gay Pride Parade gone BAD.  The bride is beautiful too.  What a -----!  Now, if she is marrying another woman, then please accuse my potty mouth. Then it is just lesbians, with bad taste, and I am O.K. with that. Best, Nan