Friday, March 4, 2011


Howdy Folks-  I hope all is well in your world.  I can't complain, staying busy with life.  Perhaps, today, I will sit on my front porch and soak it all in or better yet, get my thyme, rutabagas, and collards in the ground.  I am amazed at how fast LIFE goes by.  I want to freeze my boys and keep them at 10 and 8 for a couple of years.  I would love to drag LIFE out a bit, for sure.   I just want to slow the hell down, as I feel like I haven't stopped running since October.   Anyway, because I have been spinning my wheels so much,  I have decided to combine this blog and my personal blog together for a while...I have kept "Firefly" strictly business and "Warren and Love" more personal.  Frankly, both have been a little neglected, and they are SO connected, as they are both reflections of me...  So let's just see...HUMOR me.

This is Radley making me jealous.  Just stretching and soaking up some sunshine on Ethan's bed.  I love those coverlets! Of course, the cat wants to sleep all over them.  I would too.  The coverlets are available special order ,at Firefly and takes months to get, and are worth every penny... I love that creative process and LOVE the idea of NOT being able to get something instantly.

This is my cool pantry door and that is a cool card that I just received from  Stephanie, along with my order for the store.  If I lived in Brooklyn, I would force my company on her.  She would have to be my B.F.F., whether she liked it or not.You really need to come in and see the intricate embroidery. WOW!  We have aprons to die for, artwork, and this amazing pillow.  Dinner napkins to come...Yum.  I am envisioning my Easter table already.

Yes, that little owl lives in his tree.
Yes, those are pictures hung in his house, with
all of his favorite  woodland peeps!
Yes, I have one. YES! YES!  YES!
Yes, I just had Harry met Sally in Katz's Deli 
MOMENT!  Yes, I quietly freak out every time I look 
at her creations.  Yes, it  just makes my HEART sing!

 Speaking of Heart BEETS...swoon.
I have been into some serious root vegetables lately.
I roasted these earlier this week and I don't have enough
time to go into it, but seriously -YUM!
The meal did involve other players- 
rutabaga's, pork chops with onions
and apples, beets drizzled with lemon
 and olive oil viniagrette that I had tossed
some spring greens in.  It was beautiful
 and I haven't eaten very well since.
Again, that TIME time.

Now if you have some time,  check this site out.
I will be sharing it with my boys, as I would rather
them play this than the wii ,my iphone, or watching the idiot box...

Here is an image, from a book  that is coming into my store.  It will probably be another month(self-published).  Of course, I am O.K. with it.  Moral of this post- Good Things come to those who wait, SO SLOW DOWN! Remember  the SIDEWALK SALE Downtown Tomorrow.   Firefly will be doing some Spring Cleaning...

Speaking of The Ville, did you see this?  That is what I'm  talking about!  Too bad they didn't ask me! Have a good one. xo, Nan