Thursday, May 5, 2011

sneak peek

As you all probably know, I use to work for R.Wood, and we have been friends for decades now.   I also have been selling her wares for almost fifteen years!  I am still totally in love and obsessed with her pottery.  Well, she just sent a "sneak peek" of a special batch of dogwood, made only for FIREFLY. It is in the kiln, as I write this...If you would like for me to call you when it arrives, so that you can have first grabs, email me.  It is a GRAB Fest folks, let me tell you... Don't forget to include your cell phone number.  Enjoy this glorious day, Nan

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Just in from Australia, are the coolest fabric decals ever.  You can reapply them too. Pictured above
are the minis, which are great for laptops,ipads, lockers, or a special nook.   I simply adore the large
ones below for a kid's room or a nursery.  We have the range of choices too, from pirates to dress-up
girls, to woodland critters, and dinosaurs!  Of course, we will be glad to ship to you.   Best, Nan

Check out my sister's fabulous blog here and read an interview with ME!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

hello you and a Sunday later

Hey Guys-  Sorry about not reporting on all of our great EASTER goodies, but apparently, I didn't need too.  We hardly had anything left!  THANK YOU.  What few eggs we have, are 50% off, so come grab a few for next year!  I hope you a had a great EASTER Week though.  I certainly did.  I could eat my weight in deviled eggs and we just polished off the homemade pimento cheese last night.  I also made delicious quiches with the leftover EASTER ham!  Did you wake up  for THE Wedding?  Of course, I did. I woke my eldest too.   So, Firefly is bursting at the seams with SPRING.  We have unique things coming in daily for MOM, the Grad, teachers, and later in the month, DAD!  Our wedding business is in full bloom too.  R.Wood pottery is HOT and we have the most beautiful serving pieces ever, at a great price point too ($38+).  So, just a quick "HELLO" and I look forward to seeing your bright smiling faces at THE FIREFLY. Come and see the must haves! Here are few of my current favorite things, Nan

A favorite line from South Africa.

The boys ate outside with their cousins and each had
 an egg with their names on them...

One of many "Nest" arrangements I made.

I was in San Fran earlier this month, and the Farmer's Market was divine.
Actually San Fransico was WONDERFUL and beyond. What a cool city.

I saw an amazing exhibit here, Pulp Fashion.  If you are in the
area this is a must SEE.  I think it is there until the first few days of June.
I loved Kate's gown!  How totally cooled would it have been though,
 if she wore a dress by this artist in the evening,  Isabelle de Borchgrave.  
Her work is made entirely out of paper.

and RODIN, need I say more.  The sculpture major me
was in HEAVEN!

Did I mention the FOOD...
The WINE...
and the COMPANY!

I also went here for Spring Break Port St. JOE, Windmark

Ditto again on the food, wine,  company!
The OYSTERS were SO GOOD at Indian Pass Raw Oyster Bar!

Cool book for Mother's Day!

Clearly, I have too much to say...Have a great Sunday, Nan