Thursday, December 9, 2010

stocking stuffers 101

Here are my favorite KIDDO stocking stuffers...

The original sound machine and the best-seller  still.
Gun shots to breaking glass to farts.
Simple Pleasures, right?!

If you just can't do Farts or Burps.  This is a
popular one too.  Think Fred Flinstone and Looney Tunes!
All Cartoon Sounds.  We also have a new Space Age one too.
$ 14.00 each

Leaping Lizards!  This is still a best-seller.  These flashlights are
super bright and super fun.  They can clip on a backpack or
a keychain.  $8.50 each

Scented colored pencils, as well as regular pencils.
Still a store hit.  $16.95 

For the Little Tots, these super soft little blankets are the
perfect size for snuggling. Available in dog, zebra, monkey, and  giraffe.
$12.95 each
Definitely for the older kids or  the kid at heart.
These super strong magnets provide lots of entertainment.
Super office gift too! $29.95 each

I love Snoopy and I love Hot Chocolate. Three tins of cocoa from
The Peanut Gang.  $11.95

Really Blackberry Bubble gum, but Fun!
$5.50 each

Recycled paper, scented pens!  $2.50 each
These monster pencil/eraser heads come in packs
of two!  Collect all six.  $3.00 for a doodling duo.
Scented erasers that look good enough to eat!
We have apple(shown), peach, banana, and strawberry.
$4.00 each

You'll chuckle when you see these guys dance!
Not pictured, the Gingerbread Man.  He ran away.
Santa, Elf, Rudy, and Gingerbread Man
$5. each

Stay tuned for Adult stocking stuffers tomorrow.  If you spend more than $50.00, we will ship for free, in the state of GEORGIA.  This offer is good until December 17th.  Merry Christmas, Nan

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