Sunday, June 26, 2011


You may or may not know, but my personal blog is .  It is right over there on my Blog List.   I am trying to be better about this blogging, as I do enjoy it.  It is more of a time thing, than anything, as I know we can all relate.  Anyway, I wanted to point out the obvious, about the blogs. On my personal blog, I will be posting images with a word or two.  We use to have a great quote on our back wall, at Firefly:

In my backyard, they burn peepholes in the night,  and take snapshots of my house. 

( describing fireflies, if you have not had enough coffee) 

Anyway, I will be posting "snapshots" of Firefly, because I know we are all so busy.  I want Firefly and Warrenandlove to be a quick source of inspiration and beauty period.  Best, Nan

photo credit hotblack 

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