Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drum Roll Please...


Join Firefly and Amy Flurry of Recipe for Press, Thursday, February the 2nd. This is what Amy is all about:

Recipe for Press, pitch your story like the pros & create a buzz represents my irrepressible desire to share with small business owners, budding designers, musicians, chefs, and family brands how to get press and create fruitful relationships with editors and media influencers. In a nutshell, Recipe for Press is like getting to spend the weekend with a seasoned editor talking about your brand and learning what it takes to reach a larger audience through constant press coverage. You can also expect to find lush illustrations and photography and Q&A’s featuring successful entrepreneurs who keep their marketing in-house including designer Amy Butler, chef Hugh Acheson, potter and blogger Rebecca Wood and indie market juggernaut and UNIQUE LA founder, Sonja Rasula.  This isn’t just good medicine, it’s a book that you’ll want to fall in to.
I’ve seen plenty of great products with passionate people behind them fail, whereas others with so-so services receive the bulk of the attention.  The difference isn’t in luck; the difference is what you will find in this book and I couldn’t be more excited about getting it into the hands of the people who need it most.
Please take a minute to visit the website and my blog and join me on Twitter (@Recipeforpress). The information I post on each is really companion material to the book, news your brand needs to know!

Amy Flurry is a freelance writer, editor and stylist of fifteen years with work featured in InStyle, Conde Nast Traveler, O @ Home, Four Seasons, House Beautiful, Trump, Country Living and Refinery 29. She served as a regional editor for Lucky magazine for six years and is currently a style correspondent for eBay’s online magazine, The Inside Source. In addition to her editorial work, she has provided brand consulting and served as a marketing strategist for a mix of fashion and lifestyle clients. 
Recipe for Press, pitch your story like the pros and create a buzz! is Flurry's first book and published by PC Press.
Flurry has been identified as an industry authority, serving as a regular commentator for Saks 5th Avenue’s “Want It” presentation and a frequent guest speaker on trends at AmericasMart Atlanta, Fashion Group International and the Savannah College of Art and Design. 
In January 2010, Flurry co-founded Paper-Cut-Project, a company that conceives art direction and highly crafted installations in paper for window installations, runway, catalog and advertising campaigns. Their work has been featured in the New York Times, Italian Vogue, Nylon, Marie Claire Taiwan and on influential blogs including Diane Pernet’s, A Shaded View on Fashion and Paper-Cut-Project has been commissioned exclusive collections for global brands including Cartier, Hermes, Kate Spade and The Bay. September marked Paper-Cut-Project’s debut runway accessories collection with designer Jen Kao for fashion week New York.

FIREFLY'S Schedule of Events:

At Firefly, 11:00am to 12pm, Amy will be in the store with her book and signing.
12pm- 1:30pm Walk down to Studio 209 for Recipe for Press and a Picnic Lunch. Here,we will have a Q/A session and an informal talk with Amy.  Lunch will be provided and in a  brown bag( simple and yummy, i promise). This is $30.  Reservations required, Check or cash please.  After lunch, Amy will then meet with individuals, who would like to discuss with an expert/editor about their website, marketing material, brand and receive honest feedback, as well as ideas to take their product, concepts forward.  These sessions are very limited and will last for 30 minutes each. Cost $125.  These sessions will take place in a private office space, in the same building( Haile's building, Studio 209, the Coke Cola Bottling building, whatever you call it).  This is a great opportunity, and I can think of so many people, who could benefit from this, including myself.  So call the store, and I will call you back with a time, as I am leaving in the morning for business.  It will be first come, first serve though, and I will be all "Atticus" about that.  I encourage all fellow small businesses to come too, as we are all in this boat together.  

The book ,Recipe for Press is NOW in Firefly, so come pick up a copy and get inspired...I got it personally, in early December and just had a small fit, and then I got out my highlighter, and then I begged her to come, and Voila! So, call the store or email me for a reservation for the lunch and learn, as well as an individual spot with Amy- nanatfireflyhomedotcom( I have been told by smarter beings that you should always type out your email on blogs)!  Best, Nan

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  1. Nan,
    You are so gracious and I can't wait to spend the day in Thomasville. We're going to have a great time. Amy