Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day is coming...

All right folks this is what this MOMMA wants, so if you see HIMSELF around TELL HIM!  Thanks.
As you know we sell lots of R.WOOD pottery at Firefly.   As you know I am a huge FAN, and that I am President of her FAN CLUB, not really, but it is fun to think about.  SO, guess what Rebecca is
sending and should arrive today?  Floral Fandango Drawings! Here is a little sneak peak...

Alright, here is something else that I need for Mother's Day, and if you live in TVEGAS, you
should beeline it to the Thomasville Center for the Arts and see the entire exhibit- Southern Collectors: BIG and Small.  Yes, that is me, in the preliminary  study and now it is a colorful painting done in the style of Aaron "Lefty" Peters, whose drawings I avidly collected fifteen years ago.  More ideas tomorrow, that involve jewelry and both  are GEORGIA artists.  Have a great day, Nan

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