Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mark your calendars!

Hey Guys!  Things are starting to get busy around here, so  get out your calendar and MARK these
great dates!

THIS Saturday- Oct., 23rd, Please join us for a FUN Market of various vendors, including ME!  My husband, currently a ROCK STAR in my book,  just came home from Tennessee with literally 2,000 pounds of Heirloom PUMPKINS! So, guess what I'm selling!  This will be a lot of fun.  Shopping at the the market is free, but if I were you, I would go score some BRUNCH tickets ASAP! Serious yummy! Read more here.

Saturday, November 6th
Silhouette Artist Erik Johnson will be creating hand cut original silhouettes at our store!
He will start @ 10:00 am.  Appointments are at 5 minute intervals.  Yes, he is that good
and that FAST!  I can't wait to watch him in action.  Erik comes from a family of silhouette
artists.  His father and brother are both silhouette artist as well.  Erik cuts each silhouette free
hand by just looking at a person's profile.  
5 X 7 - $25
additional silhouettes ( he just stacks the paper) $15 each
Call the store for appointments...229-226-6363. I see a Firefly tradition in the making, and talk about a perfect Christmas gift for family- DONE!

Friday, November 19th ( Plantation Wildlife Festival)
Saturday, November 20th
Welcome my former "boss", landlord, and friend, Rebecca Wood of Athens, GA.  Rebecca has
been creating beauty in every aspect of her life;  She just happens to be known for her pottery, which we
have been selling for years.  My R.Wood dishes are still one of my very favorite things.  What she is bringing will be one of a kind pieces, including images of poke berries and cotton!  If that wasn't enough to send me over the edge, she is bringing original drawings as well.  I almost fell out on the floor when she told me that!  I have been begging for YEARS!  She is a painter first and foremost, so get ready... 

Also, for a little icing on the cake, I have rounded up my own wildlife artist...We will debut 20+ original watercolors with animals ranging from whales to giraffes, hummingbirds to trout, sea turtles to quail.   Almost all of these will be under $150, framed and matted!  See some examples below and stay tuned for more!
Needless to say,  I can't wait for all of these events.   I leave you with this photo that a customer just sent me.  This adorable outfit is currently available at  THE FIREFLY.   Thanks for sharing the photo.  You can't get much cuter than that!
OH,  Ursula Page just opened a Downtown Studio.  You can visit her there or go here.  Welcome
Ursula, I can't wait to come see the space.  Happy Fall Folks! Nan

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