Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Be still my beating, aesthetic DESIGN heart... Radley, our lovebug,  came in this morning and give the boy's lots of sugar and then immediately checked out the new poof.  Doesn't he look dapper and smart! I love the play on the black and white.  We have all colors currently in, including metallic silver and gold!  $286 each.

Come in and grab a sweet Bud Vase, and we will add a flower or two!  Sentiments like - Love is...,
You are my Sunshine, and Do Small Things with Great Love!


Give your Sweetheart this book, and a promise of 36 hours somewhere fabulous!  This is a favorite article of mine,by the New York Times.  Now it is a beautiful book, on where to stay, eat, and do ! -150 weekends throughout the USA and Canada! LOVE THIS!

This is the "mother" that I like to roll my eyes at and bash!  Oh, but wait, it's ME!   Why can't I just buy cheap Valentine Day cards for the Boy's Classroom Party?!?!??!!  NO, I have to print, cut, and insert.  This makes me crazy, it really does, but I just can't help it.  I really, really tried, as I stood there looking at the Fun Dip/ Ring Pop crap!  Oh Well.  Have a SWELL V-DAY Friends, Nan

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