Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello Hello

In General, I am just checking in to let you know what is going on at The Fly and in my world...

In  the store, we can't seem to catch up with the boxes of NEW STUFF coming in...I ,apparently, lost my mind in NYC.  Also we are just plain busy, which is great too.  Our EASTER GOODIES are hoppin' out, as fast as they are hoppin' in.  We have several brides registered, and babies- to-be too.  I am also working hard on a new website, that I looking forward to sharing with all of you very soon.   You can follow me on Pinterest .  Here is the link today, but the clever logo above will stay for your Pinterest pushing!  I am really digging Pinterest right now, and I have to limit myself time wise.  It is a fun, creative outlet, and surprisingly, has really motivated me to finish little odds and ends around the house, that otherwise I may have never gotten around too.  Also, some of you may or may not know that I wore a different hat this past Fall.  I did my first Wedding, as in Wedding Planner!  It was amazing and crazy and crazy beautiful.  I would love to do more of it, regardless, of size.  In fact, smaller would be better!  Anyway, stay tuned for more on that front.  Whispers and fingers crossed, this wedding that I just mentioned, will be featured in my FAVORITE magazine soon!  Have a great day on this gorgeous day, Nan

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