Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm looking forward to a lot of fishing this summer...
Happy Monday and I hope y'all had a Happy Momday yesterday! I did, as I did absolutely nothing, except for what I wanted to do. A nap was involved. This week and next will be busy at the store, as we wind down the school year.  We sell lots of gift certificates for teachers this time of year, which they love by the way.  Also, personally it is busy on the home front, with the boy's end of the year school activities, baseball play-offs, and getting ready for camp.  Usually Summer at the Firefly slows down a clip, which is nice... It is a time of reflection, planning, and tackling projects that we don't have time for the rest of the year.  I am really excited about what is in the "works" currently.  I have made two great additions to Firefly in the last couple of weeks. One that you will visibly see is Mary Cameron.  She is a recent grad, in jewelry design from SCAD.  I knew the minute I saw a bracelet that she had made- a BACON cuff, that we were a good fit.  It was confirmed Sunday morning, when I went to retrieve my local eggs from the fridge at Firefly, and she had "DONE" the window, that I beamed with delight!  The second addition, is a behind the scenes GUY, that I am equally loving.  He is bridging all of my social media together and setting up a newsletter, that I hope y'all will ALL join as soon as it is ready!  Spring at Firefly was great for us, so I hope SUMMER will be more of the same, and I thank you, the customer, for coming in time and time again.  Have a great week, Nan

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