Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hello Everyone!  Here is Firefly's Schedule of Events for Friday, November 18, 2011.  Hugh Acheson,will be signing his Cookbook, A New Turn in the South, this Friday from 11:30AM  to 5 PM.  Unfortunately, he will not be able to stay later than that, as he has to fly out that evening, so that he can make an appearance on The Early Show, CBS. Pretty Cool.  So basically, come have several books signed on Friday, and watch him on Saturday morning, with your cup of java, knowing that you have meet a really nice, cool Chef and took care of some serious Christmas gifts.  Rebecca of R.Wood Studio is bringing some great platters, as well as vases that have birds and flowers on them! Awesome.  I imagine she will be dropping them off that morning as well.  She will be in and out all day ( she LOVES to poke around Thomasville), and back in for festivities at 4:00 to 7pm.  We have some die hard R.Wood fans, including myself, ( I am the President of her Fan Club), so I know y'all will be stalking THE  Firefly, and I understand completely.  I have had my R.Wood Pottery problem since my Freshman year in Athens.  One STUDIO Sale long, long time ago, it snowed that night and morning like a banshee.  Did that stop me?  Hell no!  Did it stop everyone else?  Hell yes!  I fish tailed all the way there in my blue Isuzu hatchback, and of course, was the first one, at 8:50 that morning.   I remember, Rebecca, just shaking her head and laughing, "You would be the FIRST one here." Of course, I would be.  I am a subtle Stalker!   So stalk away, and leave us cell phone numbers and we will try to call you as soon, as Rebecca walks in the door.  We will also be debuting an artist, Leslie Fendig, who makes yummy jewelry. I have been trying to make contact with her for years.  Who knew St. Simon's Island could be so far away!  Anyway, the stars have finally aligned( or subtle stalking) and I have a beautiful collection of her one of a kind jewelry, that will need to be on your Christmas Wish List. Last, but not least, Stop by for some YUMMY cupcakes and Champagne, and raise your glass, as we toast to Firefly, past, present, and FUTURE! 4PM to 7PM .Cheers, Nan

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