Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A month ago TODAY!

Pretty on the inside, and the outside.

A month ago TODAY,  I was running around like a crazed woman.  I had a walkie talkie in one hand, my iphone in another, and I was just screaming in general.  I took multi-tasking to another level.  I was a WEDDING PLANNER!  It turned out almost perfect, and the few details that didn't get executed, were only noticed by me.  However, my sweet Bride, Megan was perfection, and she was pleased as pink punch!  The Groom was as wonderful, as he is Handsome.  Congratulations to you both, you made it worth all the while.  I wish you a life time of happiness, and lots of laughter along the way! I will be raising my glass to you both tonight. Cheers and love, Nan

P.S.  Check back in tomorrow for more pictures, as I will begin, the long list of "THANK YOU'S"!
Shanna Murray did custom Decals, we sell them at Firefly too!

Manzanita branches were on half of our tables.

These were the gift crates, delivered to our guest's rooms. They were filled with local, yummy cheese
straws, Dillon's Chocolate covered pecans, and Bulliet Bourbon.
We also had a fun "Greetings from Thomasville" booklet, with the weekend's festivities.
In the little pink zig zag bags were "Good Mornin' Sunshine( aleve), and Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz(alka setzer )!
The heart with antlers, were a theme throughout the wedding, and I happened upon an antique mount, which I gave to Megan at her Bridal Luncheon.

Now that is what I call a Wedding Party.

Fabulous Tents
My cute brother on the left, and his equally cute friend, John on the right!
Megan being sewn in her dress!  Barbara, very
cooly, sewing her in! Where was I? Thankful, I was not there.
I would have, not so cooly, spontaneously combusted on site.
Actually, I think I was getting dressed in the port a loo, and
washing face in the water cooler dispenser.  Seriously.

Where we didn't have Manzanita branches, we had these amazing flowers.

See you tomorrow!

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