Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rebecca Wood is coming to town, and yes that is better than SANTA!

I heart R.Wood.  I heart these Pokeberry Platters!  I can not wait to see them.  Just in case, my husband is reading, which he is not... I am putting it out to the universe.  I would spontaneous combust on site, if  I ever were to own a painting by this lady.  Preferably a still life with lots of blues and whites.
Maybe, one day, in the near future Rebecca will do a show of her paintings at the Firefly.  I have only been begging since we opened FIFTEEN years maybe in the SPRING this Birthday wish will come true.  Come See Rebecca and Hugh!  Tomorrow Friday, November 18th, starting at 11:30.  Best, Nan

P.S. I heart that new GREEN background color!

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