Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hugh,His Unicorn and the Mean Girl.

Mean Girl and Hugh

glimpse of window

I feel kind of bad that I told Hugh, he was the only guy that I knew, that could ROCK a unibrow.  I have never been one to mince words... and if we were ten, on a playground, he could have retaliated and pulled my hair and called me  "Carrot Top"! Then he could have told me, that I, unlike him, could not ROCK a unibrow.  I certainly had one!  So "Sorry" that was kind of a mean thing to say.  Translation: Hugh is handsome,  darling, and funny... BUT I couldn't say that! Don't want to give the boy an ego, because he does a good job about keeping it real. I will elaborate more on that tomorrow.   So, instead, I had to revert back to Playground Antics.  Anyway, now he plans to pluck it for a good cause, making REAL food, available to all folks, regardless of socioeconomic factors.  Awesome. Read more about it here.

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