Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hey Gals!  I don't have a huge following, especially when I tease you (again tongue in cheek)with my sporadic postings!  I get that.  Anyway, those few- TWELVE of you, I hope you READ this one!     Here is a great  GIFT option that I offer to all my T'villian friends and  ALL good T'villian FOLKS, who have the "friend" that has everything, who have that need for charity, and who have ulitimately the SPIRIT of Christmas, which is  how we should live everyday of this life, on this FRAGILE EARTH,  OUR ISLAND HOME!  So let's all give a little, and a get a  whole lot in return!  Of course, all NON-T'VILLIANS can give, but I am sure there are a lot of worthy causes, within your own community.  However, if you STILL do, this Wendy Greene, is apparently a rock star, and can bleed blood from a turnip, or a coupon, and gets up at some ungodly hour, in the morning to  perform some  serious MODERN DAY SALE RETAIL MIRACLES.  Bless you!  Again if you know me, it would be a COLD DAY in HELL, before I entered the door of a CHAIN RETAILER at 3 am, in the morning EVER!  However, I totally understand it, and I love this woman's heart and her SPIRIT. Thank you.

Here is the deal-

Let's do Christmas up right this year and let's do it different! In lieu of gifts to our friends, let's donate to CASA. Their funding was drastically cut and we can make their days **Merry and Bright**

This will provide Christmas to 85 local Thomasville Children. What is CASA Kids Program?
It stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, and basically last year alone there were approximately 500 reports of child abuse and neglect in Thomas County.  101 of these children, came before our Juvenille Court Judge and they were assigned, through a court order into the CASA Program.  When a child is assigned to CASA, they advocate for them until their case is resolved and they are placed back with their parents, guardianship of the child is given to a family member, or the child is adopted.  These children NEED to experience the Spirit of Christmas, and know that someone does care for them, and that they are special.  These donations will help purchase Christmas presents for our most needy children.  It cost CASA, about a $1,000 dollars a year per child to be their voice and advocate, so if we raise above and beyond their immediate need (Christmas), then your donation will go even farther and help this much needed organization all year long.  

So my oh, so clever sister-in-law, Haile has designed a donation card.  They cost $10.00 each and you can pick them up at Firefly, Relish, and this Saturday at our Christmas Market.  I am sure MORE local retailers will be added to this list, so stay posted and ask when you are shopping in other LOCAL shops. Give a little and get a lot!  Merry Christmas, Nan

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