Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stockings Stuffers

I am a big fan of Stockings!  It holds the perfect amount, not too little and not too much, but just RIGHT!
In fact, Stockings is really all we do for each other... Here are some of my favorites in store currently.
1. Ten Thousand Waves Hinoki (organic) Lotion.  This is a famous Japanese spa in Santa Fe, NM and this lotion is clean pine and divine. We have it in shower gel too.  I am just a soap girl, which leads me to number two.
2.  You have to have a bar of good soap in your Stocking.  Unless, you are one of those who "collect" it and never use it, which a customer admitted to me yesterday.  I was mortified.  We never ever EVER use grocery store soap. EVER.   It is crap, and once you use the real deal, you will never go back... You  are paying more for the good stuff, but it last ten times longer at least, so it is a wash literally.  Wash well, that is my philosophy.

Be warned:  Whomever receives this will become addicted. You may get away with a single this year, but next year, you will be graduating to the 4bar box! Men love this.

Another pine scent and NEW to Firefly.  I love how fresh and clean this is.  Lightfoot screams MEN to me, this is nice for both gender.

This is what will be in my Stocking this year.
Goat's milk, honey, with a hint of rose.
Swiss made perfection.

3.  Our scarves are flying out the door, regardless of the 70 degree temperature, and I just don't think you can have too many!

4.  I am loving Alexa Pulitzer and all her paper fabulousness.   Her monogram antler stationary is awesome.  
We have a range of mousepads too!

 5.  Our local Mayhew jelly is delicious.  Here it is featured at THE wedding, I did, this past October.

6.  Any of our jewelry will be much appreciated.
7. Some RADICAL chocolate, made by an old friend.  These are pretty and GOOD!
pink peppercorn and blueberry featured here.

8. These pot holders, hand screened and designed in New Mexico, will make you smile every time. Below are two of favorites- Avocado Opera and the Chickens, affordable($16), practical, handmade, functional art.  

9. and 10.-  Here are just some ideas in general. Treat your significant other with a splurge in their Spirits, like a nice bourbon, red wine, champagne etc... It might be a NICE bottle of Olive Oil.  Sweetgrass has some lovely ones(hint, hint).  You might renew their favorite magazine (HINT, HINT), and please add Town and Country!  I don't know why I love thin wool socks like I do, but I DO. I DO. I DO.  So, Santa baby go down to Kevin's please.  Tomorrow check back for some Stocking Ideas for the Kiddos!  Have a great weekend, Nan

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