Saturday, March 24, 2012

Magic Happened Here

My handsome brother, Ben and his equally handsome friend, John and those amazing Skyline Tents!
 Photo Credit: Christian Oth Studio

Well, I have some GLAD NEWS to report from Thomasville, GA. The wedding I worked on so feverishly this past Fall, is in the current April/May Issue of Garden and Gun.  This is the first wedding that Garden and Gun has ever featured, and I am so proud, pleased, and appreciative.  I also realized that I couldn't share this "GLAD NEWS", without sharing my deepest gratitude to the talented folks that made this happen.  Everything about this particular Wedding, I feel was already cosmically decided, and it just took execution by very talented, hard working professionals. I was just the conductor, so to speak.  It was really something to conduct, and again the "players" were amazing and most importantly, humble.  There were no EGOS present here, and that is why this weekend,in late October was so MAGICAL.  It  takes a village to "raise a wedding" and I thank you all for making this day SHINE.  Megan and Nico are so appreciative of everyone's contribution,  that I can't even begin to express.  A day, truly does not go by, that Megan doesn't reflect on that weekend with a swell of love and gratitude in her heart. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you. WE DID IT!

The "Village" People listed below:

Disclosure: I blame Ram for the Ramblin' BECAUSE

If  Ram Singletary(Singletary's) had said,"NO" then this would be a very short post, as my role of wedding planner would have started and ended on the same day. Floral Design is just the beginning of what he brings to the table.  Needless to say, this was my first phone call... Windee Willoughby, who turned the dormant garden into an Impressionist Painting, Hector Beltran, my painter for life,  Sweet Mark(Ram's right arm and left leg) and his darling son for "shooting" 300 shotgun shells, pink at that,and then reloading them with sand, Jackie Ellis(my second phone call) for executing design concepts to delivering sausage biscuits,gift crates, and for tackling the logistics of transportation, Charles for being steadfast and jumping in, Daryl House(good as gold), who transported heavy objects for the wedding and then with his fantastic ensemble, transported our guests all over Thomas Co. and then some, PSG(Production Support Group), truly the pinnacle of lighting and sound,Brenda /Andrew Tents for putting up with my constant revisions, Elizabeth/ Beachview Tents for coming through with last minute linens and beautiful furniture, Andrew/D.C. Rentals for holding my hand, Liz and Miles, at Skyline Tent who erected THE most amazing tents, and  was as easy on the eyes, as he was to work with, Lauren Johnson(rock star), Hugh Acheson's right arm and left leg, who had everything in Apple Pie order, Hugh Acheson and Ryan Smith(obvious rock stars and so cool), for providing a flawless, gorgeous meal, Hugh's Team/Staff (especially Ryan, Nol, Catie, and Amy), and our local staff, that made the delivering of food to 300 people look like a walk in park, Carol, Mary Lane, and Lisa( babysitters extraordinaire), Katie Wharton (breath-taking cakes), Shawn/ Christian Oth Studio( darling and a pleasure), Stephanic/ Coral and Tusk, Katrina Lewis and her singing ladies, Debbie and Sarah, Shanna Murray(her decals throughout the wedding were amazing-see Deer with sign), Mae Mae, Betsy Dunlap, Leslie, Katie at Skyline, and I know I am forgetting someone(sorry), my husband for enduring me, and lastly, Howell, Sharon, Megan for entrusting me.  Your family means so much to me, and I did not want to disappoint, so thank you again for the opportunity and the honor.  It was truly a magical weekend, Nan

P.S. I tried to link everybody that I could, but if you need additional info, please contact me, I will be glad to help.  If you need my services or curious about my store, Firefly, go here to read more about that, as I would love to design an event for you!  This is a new website, and NEW collections will be added in the weeks to come.

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