Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Website

I am excited to finally announce our NEW website for Firefly!  With that being said, I have so much more to add as far as product, but that is exciting for me too. As the store has a PLETHORA of PRODUCT, I am putting together best-sellers, unique offerings, and that just requires a little more ol'chicken scratch!  Unlike the OLD site,  I now have the capabilities to "NanMan" this myself, which just makes me so HAPPY!  What I also like about the new site is that it is all encompassing, featuring  some of my favorites things, like my Blog, Pinterest, Events and Store Happenings.  I feel like it is a very well rounded representation of me and Firefly.  Even if you have never been in, I think you can peruse this site, and get a gist of what we are about!  In the weeks to come,TWO NEW Collections will be added, so come back and come back often.  As my wish for this site, is that it is constantly evolving and growing, as my store does EVERY DAY!

A BIG thanks to my sister-in-law Haile and Garland for making this happen, Nan

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