Wednesday, March 21, 2012

News, but not THAT NEWS...

I am still in a holding pattern on MY news, but I do have some other fun reports that need your attention.
At the Store, we have a sign-up sheet for a special EASTER TREAT. The Thomasville Townie, Bunny
Byrne is making beautiful Macaroons for this Easter.  Here is the low down.  Come in and sign up for a box of 6($10.00)or a box of 12($18.00), in a melange of flavors including Satsuma, Lavender, Raspberry Lemon, Pistachio, and Raspberry. Bring a check or cash, as Firefly is not profitting at all, as I just want to share the LOVE. The Easter "Bunny" will deliver boxes to Firefly on Friday, April 6th for pick-up. They are boxed beautifully for gift giving.  They are also delicious and incredibly beautiful.  I, personally, will be putting them on my Easter Table, in a little man made bird's nest( available at Firefly) at each person's place setting. I love Easter!

Alright, now just a general FYI, on my family's list of MUST- DO's, is to see an amazing band play at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.  Yes, of course I have a band in my mind, and GUESS who it is?  Michael Franti!  Guess who is going to be at Red Rocks Amphitheatre? Michael Franti and Spearhead! Guess who can't go?  We can't!  The boys will be at an awesome camp for three weeks, and I will be doing the Tango in Buenos Aires, and hopefully my husband will be fishing on the Gulf somewhere. SO, someone I know, needs to gather up their children and plan a trip around this concert, and report back to me.  Here is the Link. Tickets go on sale March 24th.  There are some amazing concerts there this Summer like Steve Martin, Blues Traveler(love), and James Taylor.  However, with kid's and to really blow their minds, with love,laughter, and dancing-  Michael Franti is the TICKET!

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