Friday, January 4, 2013

Firefly Friday

My most popular PIN, who knew?!

Hello Friends.  Just a moment of your time, and a moment of mine, as I drink BLACK coffee for the fourth day.  It seems like an eternity,for real.  I'm doing this for a reminder, minus the crossfit, and it has been fine.  I'm down with it, but mess with my coffee-Grrr.  Just for the record, I only put skim organic milk in it anyway, but I get it.  Dairy is Dairy.  They ( these healthy people) also are very dogmatic about "not getting on scale", because it is not "about that".  Well, POO "on that".  It is a HUGE incentive for me, and helps me stay on it, so there- VAIN, shallow me.  Yes, I have lost some  poundage already:) So what do you have on TAP this weekend? It is FIRST Friday Downtown, and we are not open(sorry), BUT I encourage y'all to come down. If I didn't LIVE at my store already, then I would walk my kiddos down, meander, stop at my favorite,former( no alcohol on the whole30) waterhole, buy the boys a cupcake here, and then probably wind up at THE Plaza for some oysters and a greek salad.  Instead, we are heading to Tally after school, to go see our friend, John Gleason's ART show- Winter Vacation.  He is very talented, and he and his wife are two of my favorite people.   His opening is tonight at 621 Gallery.  Congratulations John! I know you have been working so hard on this. We are going to pop in on our friends at The Outpost and The Grain.  Then we will probably stop at Southern Seafood for fish and head home, so that I can make a yummy dinner for Greg, who is traveling today and will be home early evening.

* COME CHECK OUT at FIREFLY: We just did inventory and have added lots of NEW things to the Sale Closet and Christmas Sale Table.

*This was my most popular PIN this week.  I think that is so interesting what people react to! Don't you?!

*Teared up when I read such SWEETNESS in the Thomasville Center of the Arts newsletter, and still do, as I type this... Thanks Michele! I think it affected me so, because you, my friend, have painted this town with passion and creativity; You elevate everything you touch, and Thomasville is better for it!

For my GRAND Friday Finale, I will be taking down our crispy, brittle Christmas Tree. OH Boy:)

Have a great Weekend, Nan

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