Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and BIG LOVE.

I am not much for New Year's Resolutions, but I am all for AWARENESS, and being mindful and present in the moment. I think that is what a New Year's Resolution means to me.   Today, I officially OWN Firefly, which is  SO exciting and a BIG deal to me.  A friend pointed out that most people already assumed that,so no biggie.  Yes, I get that too, as I certainly have been the face and had lots of flexibility, but at the end of the day, not mine.  I definitely have a heightened, renewed outlook and I am looking forward to that fresh start that every NEW YEAR brings, but EVEN MORE SO!  I also started this today, as I need to be sharper than ever, and I have felt partly cloudy for the past couple of months.  I think it's an addition vs. a subtraction, and I am sure it will not be easy, but it is only for 30 days.  I thought about starting it a few days ago, but the muffaletta bread from Central Grocery, and Marco Polo Cheese in my fridge could not be abandoned and I am also a little cheap!  Cliche, as starting today is, it had to be done. Anyway, I will keep you posted on that! Thanks for a great 2012 at Firefly and I can't wait to put my whole heart mark on it in 2013!

Lots of BIG LOVE and appreciation, Nan

P.S. The above video will just make your heart smile:)

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